Why you should ditch your bedding and bedding-making supplies June 16, 2021 June 16, 2021 admin

I’ve always liked the idea of putting things in a box and putting them somewhere where they won’t get lost and won’t be ruined.

But I don’t do that.

I just don’t.

So it was time to make the switch.

I’ve always loved making things myself, and my wife’s house is just as gorgeous as mine, so I figured I’d do the same.

She’s just got one big, big bed, so we’re going to make a couple of beds, and make the bedding ourselves.

We’re going for something that feels a little bit less messy and a little more modern.

The bedding is my favourite part, but the most fun part is making my own.

I had no idea how to do that before.

I didn’t know what to do with a box.

I thought, ‘What do I put in there?’

And I thought I’d just put stuff in a drawer.

I was like, ‘This is a box.’

And then I found this really lovely wooden box that I can’t believe I actually picked out.

It’s just this wonderful little box.

It has all these different things that I really like.

The books, the drawers, the stuff in the drawer, the box itself, everything is nice and neatly organised.

It looks like the perfect little box to hold my house.

It is beautiful.

And I think, ‘I’ll put this stuff in there, too.’

I put all my furniture in a big box.

If I want to change things in there in the future, I can change the drawer or the books.

I’ve got a small room in there.

I can put the sofa on it and I can go downstairs to put a dresser there and stuff.

I don-can’t really see any reason why that would break the house.

And I don.

Because it’s not a problem for me.

I like making things with my hands.

I like making stuff with my eyes.

I think that’s what we do best, I think I’m pretty good at it.

I also love making stuff from scratch.

And so when I first started making furniture I had this little little box that was made of wood and had this old tin lid on it.

I made it to go into the fridge and put my food in there and then when I came home and took it out I put my kids’ stuff in, too.

I love doing that.

And that’s really the core of it.