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UK furniture retailer Sainsbury’s has announced a new initiative to tackle the “furry issue”.

The company said it was “building a culture of love and support” for furries, which it says has helped it make its products more affordable.

Sainsburys has been accused of “bullying” furries with “sadistic” and “intimidating” marketing campaigns, and has said it has reached out to more than 100,000 furries since its creation.

The company’s “Love Furries” campaign, launched in September, aims to engage with “furs in a friendly and welcoming way”.

“We want to make sure that our customers feel loved, safe and secure when they shop with us,” said a Sainsbourys spokesperson.

“We are building a culture that welcomes and supports the furries and we are working with the British Fur Affinity Network (BFAN) to work with them to find a way to foster a positive, inclusive and respectful community.”

Sainsburg’s announcement comes after the UK government announced it would be cracking down on the “puppygate” controversy, which saw furries accused of trafficking and encouraging “sex trafficking” of puppies.

Sobsbury’s announced it had “received an overwhelming response” from customers, with “significant numbers of those who have contacted us in the last few days”.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday he would ban the sale of furries’ merchandise to people under 18, saying that while he “absolutely supports the right of all people to live and enjoy the fur trade”, there were “certain elements” of the “culture” that were “out of control”.

“I’ve spoken to a number of people who are concerned about the way the furry community is growing, and the fact that they have been using the internet to recruit and groom young people for their own selfish interests,” he said.

“I have spoken to people who say that their friends are becoming more radicalised and I think that’s why we are taking action.”