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India has witnessed its share of natural disasters in the past, with devastating floods, droughts, cyclones and landslides causing havoc in some parts of the country.

But a massive earthquake, the largest to hit the country in decades, is still not far away, and is expected to be a huge hit for many, even if it does not reach the state of Gujarat.

Here are some of the major natural disasters to watch out for in India:The Himalayan glacier, the world’s tallest, is set to thaw after a series of droughtings.

India is set for the largest such event in a century, with the Himalayan glaciers being a major source of water for people in India and Nepal.

A similar droughty period has happened in the US, where wildfires have ravaged much of the Midwest and parts of Texas.

In India, a major drought is forecast to continue for months, affecting more than 30 million people, according to the United Nations.

In the US and Europe, drought is a major concern.

India has already seen two major earthquakes in the last two years, with one measuring 8.7 on the Richter scale and another measuring 9.3 on the Mohs scale.

The earthquake occurred at the beginning of October.

In China, another quake struck the southern city of Wuhan at 2:55am local time, while in Pakistan the 6.7 magnitude quake struck a remote mountain town near the border with Afghanistan.

In the US Northeast, two people have been killed and 15 injured in a fire that broke out at a coal mine in Wyoming, US.

The blaze caused $1 billion in damages and shut down the nearby town of Eagan, according the US Geological Survey.