Top 10 Cool Furniture Collections of the 1980s June 22, 2021 June 22, 2021 admin

The 1980s was a great decade for American furniture and its designer, the late Doris Duke.

The new design of furniture was not as radical as it was in the 1960s, but the era of cheap-ass pop-up shops and new designs and concepts was a big hit with many of us.

We were all looking for a great piece of furniture and Doris gave us our answer with her timeless designs.

You might remember her for the wonderful Doris, Doris D., and the Magic Showroom, a classic American-inspired house with a cozy fireplace.

Doris also designed the Doris and the Princess, which is the perfect mix of timeless design and modern touches.

Dorys work is well known for the designs that came after, such as the Chubby House, Dorias furniture, and the Chipper and the Caper, all of which have been well-loved by many people. 

Doris Duke’s work has inspired many designers in the past few decades and has become one of the best-known designers in American design.

She was one of my favorite designers of all time and I would like to share her beautiful designs with you. 

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