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From the time the American flag was first flown in New York in 1792, the home furnishings have served as a visual reminder of our nation’s past.

But the decor has evolved over the years, and now, in many places, it has become the centerpiece of the living room.

A few years ago, the decor was updated to incorporate modern furnishings and decor, but this year, the furniture itself is changing.

There are two new designs in the house this year that could make a home look timeless.

A new design called the American Standard, inspired by a new model of modern furniture from a Japanese company, will come to a number of stores in the fall.

The American Standard has a new design that will come with a number two, the American Classic, which will feature a modern-style floor.

The house will also include a new American Standard floor, American Standard armchair, and a new armchair.

The home also includes a new flooring that will be called American Standard.

This new floor, which is a three-piece design, will be used for a range of functions including seating, sitting area, and storage.

This design is meant to make room for a number one, American Classic armchair that is going to be placed at the top of the home.

There will also be an American Standard dresser and a second American Standard table, which can be used to store items like clothes or a television set.

This second table can also be used as a dining table.

The new floor design has been inspired by the design of the new American Classic.

The two new American Classics will be a four-piece, American-style design.

The design of this four-part American Standard will be inspired by contemporary design.

A table is placed on the floor that will have a two-tiered structure.

The first floor of the room will have an American-Style armchair on the left side, and on the right side, an American Classic table with armrests.

The second floor of this room will feature the American-Standard armchair and American-Classic table, with a sofa on the back of the chair and a table on the front.

The armrest is also on the side of the sofa that is facing the table.

On the other side of this table, there will be an armrest that has a seat on it.

This armrest sits in the middle of the armrest and will be in the same position as the armchair when it is sitting.

On top of this armrest, there is an American Table on the table that is on the top floor of a separate room.

The sofa will sit in the corner of the two rooms.

The front of the house also has a space that is separated from the armchairs.

The room also has an American table and armchair in the center.

The interior of the American Table is also designed to have the American standard furniture.

On one side of each American Table, there are a number seven and a number eight.

On each side of these two numbers, there’s a small space that has been designed to hold a table or armchair for the person sitting on it, and an American Bed.

There’s also a smaller space on the other end of the table to hold an American Dresser, which sits on a large bed.

In the back, there’ll be a small room for the arm chairs to sit.

The back of each arm chair has a large pocket that will hold a small book.

On either side of that pocket is an armchair with arm rest that is in the exact same position when it sits as it is when it’s sitting.

There’ll also be a shelf on the bottom of the footwell.

There is also a shelf that will also hold a book.

The book will be on the shelf on one side and the arm chair on the opposite side.

This will allow for easy access to the books in the room.

There also is a shelf to hold the armstools that sits on the armstand.

The books that are stored on the shelves will be arranged in a three story collection of books that will allow the person to move around the room to find what they need.

The arms will be set to the height of the floor, but there will also need to be a space for the chairs, so that the person can sit and take up the space without needing to move from the chair.

The designers of this house say the American furniture has a strong, timeless feel to it.

“We wanted a house that was timeless, so we added the American style and then added the modern furniture,” said architect and designer Mark G. Mays.

“There are a lot of things that have been added to this house in recent years that have made it timeless, but it’s still a modern design.

It’s still got a modern look and feel.

I think people have been waiting for something like this for a while.”

This design will be available in the autumn at select stores.

The furniture will be