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Which is the best car seat for a young child?

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How to Buy a New House in California

This article is part of our homebuying guide series, where we take a look at where you can afford to buy a new home in California, including property taxes, mortgages, utilities and home insurance.Read moreAbout the Author Laura is a writer for the BBC World Service.Follow her on Twitter @laura_britain

‘Silly old man’ dies after losing son

An old man has died after losing his son to a heart attack.According to police, the old man had been walking with his grandson in the park when he lost consciousness on June 10 at 11:30 p.m. at the corner of North Capitol Street and Broadway.His son died at the scene.He was taken to a…

How to turn your closet into an indoor pool’shell

This spring, I spent most of my time in my tiny home pool and spa. I wanted to keep the space small and simple, and this pool had room to grow.I decided to use a pool wall and water feature as the entrance to the space. It was a natural fit, as the space was mostly built…


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