NFL Draft Picks: Clemson QB Mitchell Trubisky, Alabama WR Josh Jones, Penn State RB Jalin Marshall and Clemson CB Dee Milliner July 28, 2021 July 28, 2021 admin

Bleacher News has an exclusive interview with Clemson quarterback Mitchell Trampier.

He discusses his time at Clemson, what he sees from his new teammates and the Clemson program.1.

How did you prepare for the draft?2.

What are some of the major differences between college and pro football?3.

What did you learn from your first two seasons at Clemson?4.

Who do you want to play for?5.

What were your biggest lessons from your time at Ohio State?6.

What do you think about the draft picks and free agents?7.

What is your favorite memory from Clemson?8.

What will you look back on in your career?9.

Who are you looking forward to seeing in the NFL?10.

What’s your favorite Clemson memory?11.

What has been your biggest disappointment in your college career?12.

How do you prepare when you don’t know what the future holds?13.

What was the most difficult moment in your life?14.

What makes you feel at home in the Orange Bowl?15.

Who is your biggest influence on your life right now?16.

Who has been the most important person in your family?17.

What advice would you give to other college athletes?18.

What type of person do you find inspirational?19.

How would you describe your personality?20.

What does your dream career look like?21.

What have you learned from being an NFL player?22.

What kind of advice would a professional athlete give to their child?23.

What would your dream family be like?24.

What college are you currently attending?25.

What age do you plan on attending college in the future?26.

What color are your eyes?27.

What sports team do you support?28.

What country are you from?29.

What state are you located in?30.

What religion are you a member of?31.

What height are you?32.

What weight are you?:33.

What race are you:34.

What gender are you.?