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Furniture sets from the American home office have been around for a while.

However, they have recently come under scrutiny.

A few months ago, a group of home office customers filed a lawsuit alleging they were tricked into spending hundreds of dollars on a set of wooden furniture sets.

The company said they were bought with a $3,000 deposit, but the suit also said the furniture cost more than $7,000.

“This company, that I had never heard of, is actually one of the largest home office manufacturers in the United States,” said the woman, who did not want to be identified.

“I would say it’s a lot of money.

They put these in here for less than $10,000.”

The complaint against the company claims the furniture set is made of wood and is “unnecessary and overpriced”.

“This is a complete and utter rip off,” said one of its customers, who bought the sets for $2,000 from a different company.

“We’re going to get some answers.

I’m going to be the first one in the house to buy the furniture.”

It was only when the complaint was filed that the company came clean.

The man who bought them told News24 he bought them for his wife.

He said the set came with an invoice for $1,834.98, which was over $1 million.

“They sent the invoice for a $1.8 million invoice for an unfinished set of furniture.

That’s pretty outrageous,” he said.”

The price is so much higher than it should be.

They just need to be held accountable.”

A spokesperson for the American Home Office told News23 the company would be contacting customers to explain what was going on.

“There is nothing wrong with these pieces, and they are designed to fit a specific purpose.

The company is very sorry for any inconvenience caused,” she said.

A spokesperson from American Home said the company was taking the allegations very seriously.

“While we are not able to comment on individual cases, we are committed to providing quality products and services for our customers,” the spokesperson said.