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NEW YORK — New parents are starting to get a little creative in their gift baskets.

A new book, The Newborn Guide, aims to provide a helpful guide to help new parents start their own personalized baby gift giving.

The book features photos and illustrations to help parents better communicate what they are expecting and what they want their newborns to look like.

It’s a way for parents to get to know their newborn in the moment and help them to make a plan for a happy and healthy baby.

Its been downloaded more than 20,000 times on Amazon, the New York Times said.

Some of the images include an infant wearing a white shirt and tie and a blue dress and a white hat.

Other photos include a baby rocking on his tummy in a baby carrier.

In addition to a baby’s photo, it includes a brief description of the child, a description of what the baby needs, what they would like to see when the baby is born and what he or she wants to say to them.

“New parents want to know that their newborn has a special place in their heart, and this book will help them celebrate the fact that a newborn has been born and help make the gift as special as possible,” author Karen J. DeGraaf, a professor of psychology at Rutgers University, said in a news release.

I hope that this book can help parents begin to think about their newborn and to share with their newborn, the special place they have in their hearts.

Newborns love having a birthday, and so is the book’s author, DeGraab said.

I think that a lot of parents, including me, are looking for the best way to share their birthdays and what their baby needs to be happy and well.

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