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IKEAS ikealike,ikea,rore,sutler source Time source ABC News title IKEA to open 1,000 new stores in Australia, expand across the globe article Ikea has announced it will open more than 1,300 new stores across Australia and New Zealand in 2017, including a new store in the Sunshine Coast and a store in Brisbane.

The company said it will add 1,800 new locations in New Zealand and 2,000 in the US, with 1,400 in Europe, including 400 in Germany, and 1,200 in Asia.

Iikeas stores are expected to be a “huge growth driver” for the company in Australia and will help to drive growth across its global business.

The stores will also feature “high-end products”, including furniture, appliances, household goods and household essentials, the company said.

“IKEAS stores are an important part of the IKEa brand and we’re looking forward to welcoming new IKEas into our portfolio,” IKEAC President, Joe Murray, said in a statement.

New Zealand I’m not the first to notice the similarities between the Iikeas ikeavoice, which is a white dress in the IKama line of home goods, and the one seen on a TV show of a black man dressed in a suit in the series ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

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