‘I had a dream of a home of my own’: ‘I was a victim of racism’ August 29, 2021 August 29, 2021 admin

“The home was very good.

I had a nice little bedroom.

I did a lot of shopping in there.

I was always going to be home by 7 o’clock every day.”

Rana said she would be living with her mother in an apartment at the corner of East Road and East Main Street in Woodstock for the next two months, and would have to rent a room to her father, who was also a tenant.

“I’m not going to move out,” she said.

“It’s been a really long time since I’ve lived in my own place.”

She said she felt betrayed by the city and she was not willing to leave her house.

“The police are really trying to push us out, but I don’t want to move,” she told News24.

“We’re not criminals.

We’ve done nothing wrong.

We don’t deserve to be treated this way.”

She said her father had been an animal rights activist and he had been the only tenant for her for four years.

“My dad was very proud of his daughter, he always was,” she added.

“I feel very sad that we don’t have a home that’s my own, my own.”

And I think if I can just take it and move somewhere else, maybe I’ll get another chance.

“In the meantime, Rana said her friends would have “no problem” renting a room in the apartment if she needed one.

She added that her father’s job was good and he was proud of the work he did for the community.

Rana’s story has inspired other tenants in the community to leave their homes, as they fear for their safety, she said, adding that her friends have been threatened.”

You get a lot more threats than you should, and I feel that I’m not doing my job,” she explained.”

People have started saying that they’re not coming back.

I don´t know if I’ll stay in the house for too long.

” “We are a victimised group of people, we are not the victim, we were the victim.

Rosa Rana’s case is part of a larger national trend, where people are being evicted at record rates, according to data compiled by the Australian Institute of Criminology.