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You may have to wait until next summer to get a new patio furniture.

Houston’s weather has been notoriously hot for years, and the city has had its fair share of cold winters.

But for the first time in a decade, Houston has had a new warm season, according to a new survey from Fox News.

And it’s already heating up the place, according a report from the Houston Chronicle.

Fox News’ Eric Schmitt and Matt Miller break down how the study compared to previous years.

Fox’s Eric Schmit and Matt Stone with the latest on the city’s new winter heat.

The survey showed Houston was in the midst of a new, “seasonal heat wave” for the second straight year, with some of the worst temperatures of the century.

The report also showed that the average temperature in Houston for the past few months was 13 degrees warmer than the 20s average in 2017.

Houston has been in the news recently after a string of hurricanes caused by the El Niño phenomenon.

The city had its hottest year in more than 20 years on Sept. 20.

But the city is not alone in having its hottest summer on record.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported Tuesday that the state of Texas had the third-warmest August on record for the nation.

The USDA has warned that the heat is not temporary and could continue to spread in the coming weeks.

The weather in Houston could get even hotter and we are still getting used to this, said Eric Schmid, who runs a Houston restaurant.

“You’re going to see some really hot days and you’re going, ‘Oh, we’re not used to that.

We don’t know what to expect.'”

For the most part, Houston is staying cool this year.

The temperatures for this week were around 20 degrees above average.

Houston also had its second-warmgestest average temperature on record on Tuesday.

According to the NOAA website, average temperatures in the continental U.K. have been in a steady decline, dropping to its lowest point in recorded history in May.

The National Weather Service warned that severe weather could be in store over the next week.

Houstonians will need to prepare for the possibility of more severe weather.

The Weather Channel’s Chris Argyle said it’s too soon to predict exactly what will happen in Houston in the next few days.

“There’s still a lot of weather to come,” Argyles said.

“If you look at it, we had an average of 10.6 inches of rain this week, which is the second-largest amount of rainfall that’s ever been recorded in a single week in the U.