How to make a bed in this video August 6, 2021 August 6, 2021 admin

The video above, from the UK’s MTV, shows how to make the perfect sofa.

Here’s how: 1.

Put the mattress under the mattress.


Roll up the bottom and then slide the mattress to the other side.


Roll back up the sides and roll back up again.


Lay the mattress on top of the mattress and pull it up so the edges are flat.


Make sure the mattress is completely flat on top.


Make a diagonal line across the edge of the edge, making sure it’s straight and not diagonal.


Now you just have to draw the mattress line to the line of the line, making it look like the mattress’s bottom is a diagonal.


Put a towel under the edge so it doesn’t get caught on the edges.


Roll the mattress over and lay the towel on top to secure the bottom edge.


Repeat the process with the other sides, and you’ll have a bed that’s perfect for sharing.

Check out the full video here. 

Source: MTV News  (UK).