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The United States’ reliance on imported furniture has created a problem for some Americans.

Here are some ideas to help fix it.

American furniture is an integral part of American life, and it is also a source of economic opportunity for millions of Americans.

A new study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies suggests that Americans could lose up to a third of their wealth to furniture purchases made overseas.

A study by a New York-based firm called the American Institute of Architects has found that Americans spend more than $400 billion annually on foreign furniture purchases.

The study found that furniture purchases in the United States accounted for 20% of the $4.3 trillion in total foreign currency held overseas.

This was up from 7% in 2010.

In some ways, American imports are helping to make the country wealthy, especially in China, the study found.

Chinese imports of American furniture account for nearly 40% of that country’s foreign trade.

That’s more than the combined foreign trade of the European Union, Japan and South Korea combined.

In 2011, American companies spent $5.4 trillion on imports.

The report found that most of this spending was concentrated in high-end luxury items, including designer clothes and jewelry.

But the researchers found that the vast majority of the furniture purchases were made overseas, often in China.

This included furniture for homes and offices, and large commercial or industrial furniture.

The analysis found that in 2011, the value of these imports totaled $2.3 billion, or about 3.5% of total U.S. imports.

Another $1.6 billion was for household items such as furniture and kitchen appliances.

These products account for about 6% of all imports.

In other words, more than 60% of American homes and office furnishings are made in China alone.

The average American family spends $200,000 on furniture each year, according to the report.

This includes about $100,000 in furniture purchases, the researchers said.

Americans could also lose their way in the world.

According to the study, the U.K. is home to one of the most wealthy countries in the developed world, with $2 trillion in foreign assets, including $1 trillion in cash.

The U.KS. had a GDP of $6.5 trillion in 2011.

But its GDP was only $1,200 per person.

In addition, the country has some of the highest levels of debt in the entire world.

The authors of the study said that if the U-K.

had access to the world’s most valuable assets, such as its gold and diamonds, it could spend that money in a much more responsible way, reducing the amount of debt that it carries.

The world is not immune to the global financial crisis, but it has shown some signs of recovery.

The International Monetary Fund says the world economy grew by 2.9% in 2011 as a result of the global recession.

That was faster than the U.-K.

recovery, the IMF said.

The recovery has led to the U.’s debt-to-GDP ratio falling to 107th place in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, according the World Bank.

The IMF also said the world is in a “new normal” where debt-servicing costs have declined by 10 percentage points.

The global financial system is a huge global problem, but one that can be addressed through better governance and more transparency, the report said.

It also said that the global economy is becoming more integrated, which is helping the world become more productive and competitive.