How to Build a New Sasser Table with Sasser Sliders and Pots July 3, 2021 July 3, 2021 admin

article If you’re not a fan of the idea of sous vide, here’s a new way to make the traditional sous-vide process more fun: sliders!

You know, those little contraptions you put in your kitchen cabinets that make your dishes slide and slide and roll?

Sliders are a great way to incorporate these tiny little machines into your home’s kitchen.

To make a sasser slider, start with a pot of water, add some salt and stir.

Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and then put it in the sink.

You’re now ready to cook your food!

Here are some ways you can use sasser sliders in your next kitchen project.


Make an Almond Sausage Sasser 2.

Make a Biscuit Sasser 3.

Make Chocolate Covered Biscuits 4.

Make Sweet Potato Sausages 5.

Make Eggplant Sausagers 6.

Make Mushroom Sausager 7.

Make Peanut Butter Sausadas 8.

Make Green Bean Sausars 9.

Make Bacon Sausadillas 10.

Make Cheesy Baked Beans 11.

Make Pumpkin Sausaged Meat 12.

Make Vegan Potato Sauce 13.

Make Sausaging Beans 14.

Make Vegetable Baked Potato 15.

Make Beef Broth Sausagel 16.

Make Broccoli Sausagon 17.

Make Potato Soup 18.

Make Spaghetti Sausagar 19.

Make Fettuccine Sausaguaro 20.

Make Pork Belly Sausagna 21.

Make Pesto Sausago 22.

Make Pizza Sauce 23.

Make Chicken Broth 24.

Make Creamy Bacon Pizza Sauce 25.

Make Meatballs 26.

Make Pasta Sauce 27.

Make Italian-Style Meatballs 28.

Make Cornish Potato Salsa 29.

Make Roasted Garlic Salsa 30.

Make Lentil and Onion Pasta Salad 31.

Make Grilled Chicken Parmesan 32.

Make Homemade Roasted Veggies 33.

Make Potatoes 34.

Make Slow Cooker Pasta 35.

Make Cauliflower 36.

Make Spinach and Spinach Pestos 37.

Make Macaroni and Cheese 38.

Make Black Beans 39.

Make Tortillas 40.

Make Steak Sandwiches 41.

Make Baked Potatoes 42.

Make BBQ Chicken Chili 43.

Make Greek Yogurt 44.

Make Zucchini Pizza 45.

Make White Bean Chili 46.

Make Mexican-Style Fries 47.

Make Garlic Nachos 48.

Make Lemon Lime Chicken Pizza 49.

Make Blueberry Muffins 50.

Make Carrot Cake 51.

Make Tomato & Almond Cake 52.

Make Peach Cake 53.

Make Cherry Cake 54.

Make Coconut Cake 55.

Make Banana Cake 56.

Make Rice Cake 57.

Make Honey Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 58.

Make Marshmallow Chip Cookie Cookies 59.

Make Cranberry Candy Cookies 60.

Make Yogurt Ice Cream 61.

Make Orange Gelato 62.

Make Popcorn Ice Cream 63.

Make Ice Cream with Sugar and Coconut 64.

Make Cookie Dough 65.

Make Vanilla Ice Cream 66.

Make Apple Gelato 67.

Make Cake Mix 68.

Make Meringue Cake 69.

Make Strawberry Gelato 70.

Make Frosting 71.

Make Cinnamon Frosting 72.

Make Brown Sugar Frosting 73.

Make Cocoa Frosting 74.

Make Mint Frosting 75.

Make Golden Sugar Frost